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Better Globe Trees in Africa for charity to poor people and profit to the buyer:

Trees are the foundation of the entire Better Globe business. Buying Better Globe trees is good for many reasons. Tree planting is especially important for life on earth, and planting trees is not only profitable but also creates jobs. Better Globe plants your tree at its plantation in the semidesert, where almost nothing else can grow. Your tree does not compete with anything else—it serves solely to improve conditions.Better Globe PlantationFor each Better Globe tree that you buy, you will know that you are helping to prevent desertification and making it possible for people to survive where they live, which means working towards solving or preventing many of the challenges that we face in Africa every day.When you buy a tree in Better Globe, your are the rightful owner of that tree. Locally employed workers are hired, who are thus offered the opportunity to work in an area where no other jobs are available. For many of them, this is the first time in their lives that they have been offered a permanent job with a salary.They can stay with their families, on their land in their communities. Better Globe’s workplaces and plantations also create other jobs and income opportunities for people living nearby.


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