How do I open a store?
Quite simply register and choose a password and at the bottom is a tab ‘apply to be a vendor’ click this button and the agree to terms and conditions tab and your account will be open.You will then be taken to another page, here you will need to fill out all the details you wish to appear on your store, once completed there is a tab at the bottom left of the page click this and away you go.Once you upload your first product your store will go live.

How many products can I load?
You can load as many as you wish.

Can I personalize my store?
Yes you can.

Will it cost me money to sell an item?
No, all the money from the sale is yours to keep, we do not charge you to sell.

Can I edit an item once I have uploaded it?
No, once an item is loaded it cannot be changed, so make sure the pictures are right and the description is right also.