Click and Swap is designed for people to be able to acquire goods by any means…buying…swapping or part exchanging..

Think about when your on eBay but you also need to look for a car and a holiday home for example, you will need to open 3 different tabs to search for all these things, on Click and swap it is all under one roof, meaning you can get it all from our site and no need to jump from page to page.

As a seller you will not have to pay any commission to us as we believe that you should have all the money from your sale(unlike other well known sites who charge you on your sale). We are free to join and the are no costs to you as a member and if you have no money or simply cannot afford an item then you can offer a part exchange or even a straight swap, like we did back in the 1980’s with our toys, computer games, marbles and so on.You can personalize your store, link it to your website or Facebook page etc and upload as many items as you like, no restrictions and yes this is all free.

We all have things in our home that we do not use and look at on a daily basis and wonder should we  bin it….NO…put it on our site and see what you can get for it…..Your child has completed and is bored of that Playstation game and is bothering you for a new one……don’t spend money on it, see if you can swap it or part exchange it or if you wish just outright buy it here on Click and Swap…

Lets save money, lets get what we want, and lets stop throwing things away….. Just Click and Swap it